Zynga Germany: What does this new Euro studio mean for FarmVille?

Dextrose Aves engine
Dextrose Aves engine

In the next phase of the Zynga Dominion Initiative (kidding, sort of), the social gaming titan behind FarmVille has acquired Dextrose, a Mainz-based German gaming technology company that developed the Aves engine, for an undisclosed amount. The company, now officially Zynga Germany, has used Aves to help other developers create web browser games with high-end graphics, something Zynga will most likely use to improve its games.

However, it's unknown whether Facebook can support the Aves engine. Zynga cryptically said that Dextrose would help the company bring the "best in next-generation gaming technology." It's doubtful that Zynga would buy a company like Dextrose without researching if Facebook can support its engine.

Zynga Germany will be based in Frankfurt and headed by chief technology officer Paul Bakaus, the founder of Dextrose, while co-founder Rocco Di Leo will serve as country manager for Zynga's European arm. First China, then Japan and now Europe? Who's next, Canada?

[Via Venture Beat]

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