Seeds in the city: 6 steps to ensure your urban garden is saving you money

Bou in a vegetable garden
Bou in a vegetable garden

Recently, I decided to take the plunge and do my own backyard garden - even though I live in a very urban city. In addition to empowering me to eliminate Monsanto products from my family's diet and giving me an endless supply of my favorite eats, I thought it might even save me some coin - I spend a small fortune on organic vegetables for my family.

But my house sits on a quarter-acre lot: very intimidating. So, I headed to the bookstore, and flipped through a few gardening books -- they ran $30-$50 on average. Online, I found the perfect compost bin: $109 on Amazon. Then, I found this ready-made vegetable garden kit at Price? $2,575. (Apparently, lumber costs almost as much as gold!)