Pet Society's Lady Paw Paw Veggie Meat Dress: Flesh has never looked so good

Pet Society Lady Paw Paw
Remember when Lady Gaga wore almost nothing but meat to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? No (how could you not)? Well, Playfish remembers and to commemorate her insanity genius, they'll include this Lady Paw Paw Veggie Meat Dress into the game if the post gets 50,000 "Likes."

As of this writing, the post on the Pet Society Facebook page only has about 4,500 "Likes." So, get to sharing the ridiculous news if you want to see this hilarity make it into your game. And so the Lady Gaga Parody Wars begin.

Do you want to see this make it into Pet Society? What ridiculous Lady Gaga parodies will Playfish or any other social game developer come up with next? Tell us in the comments. Add Comment.
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