FrontierVille Jackalope Society Missions: Everything you need to know

frontierville jackalope society missions
After teasing us with these yesterday, FrontierVille has finally released a new series of goals called the Jackalope Society Missons. These missions are a little different than others because if you complete these, you will unlock the new FrontierVille Badge system, which will reward you for your regular in-game activity. And, who doesn't want a little recognition for their efforts?

So, to unlock those stinkin' Badges, you'll need to finish all four of the Jackalope Society missions. Here's a look at what you'll need to do to get the job done:

Mission #1: Jackalope Society Initiation
frontierville jackalope society missions 1 -

The illustrious Jackalope Society has heard of your exploits, and wants to extend an invitation to you. Welcome them to your homestead with a shindig.

  1. Harvest Five Corn
  2. Sell Five Adult Chickens
  3. Buy One BBQ Grill in the Market (2,000 coins)

Rewards for completion:
50 XP, 150 Food

Pro Tip: This mission should be pretty easy to complete. Seasoned FarmVille players already have plenty of chickens, corn doesn't take that long to grow and the BBQ grill doesn't cost big bucks.
Jackalope Society Mission #2: Invite Friends To The Jackalope Society

frontierville 10 jackalops rsvps
You're about to become the newest member of the Jackalope Society, but first you need to tell yer friends about it!

1. Collect Ten Jackalope RSVPs
2. Visit Two Friends

Rewards for completion:
60 XP, 750 Coins

Jackalope Society Mission #3: Learning The Secret Handshake
Every club has a secret handshake. Get yer friends to teach it to you.

jackalope society mission III

1. Collect Ten Secret Handshakes
2. Buy Jackalope Lodge in the Market

Rewards for completion:
Coming soon

Jackalope Society Mission #4: The Jackalope Lodge
Congratulations! You're the newest member of the Jackalope Society. Now it is time to build the lodge!

jackalope lodge

1. Build A Jackalope Lodge
2. Buy Four Goats in the Market... Don't ask why.

frontierville jackalope lodge -

frontierville jackalope lodge

The Jackalope Lodge costs 950 coins and 10 wood, and can be found in the Market in the Buildings area. Once you place it on your property, you will need to whack it nine times (at the cost of 10 wood each whack) to get the frame ready and then -- you'll have to start collecting building materials from your friends.

frontierville jackalope lodge materials

You will need 40 items in all to complete your lodge, and here's how that breaks down:

  • 5 Shingles
  • 5 Mallets
  • 5 Pegs
  • 5 Cement
  • 5 Windows
  • 15 Level

You can collect all of these materials from friends or -- if you don't want to wait -- you can buy all of the items using Horseshoes. Once your lodge is complete, you will be able to harvest it every day and complete the new Jackalope Lodge Collection.

farmville jackalope lodge completed

Rewards for completion: 80 XP, 500 Coins, and you have the option to share goats milk with your friends.

jackalope lodge completed rewards -- click for larger pic

frontierville jackalope missions

Once you complete all of these, you will be able to access the brand new FrontierVille Badges, which -- IMHO -- are a pretty nice addition to the game. You can access them by clicking on your Lodge or in the game menu. Working on a list of badges while you read this -- stay tuned! See the entire list of badges right here.

What do you think of the new Jackalope Missions? Too hard, too easy? Need friends to help you finish it? Leave a note in the comments below. Add comment.
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