FrontierVille Jackalope Society Missions: Everything you need to know

frontierville jackalope society missions
frontierville jackalope society missions

After teasing us with these yesterday, FrontierVille has finally released a new series of goals called the Jackalope Society Missons. These missions are a little different than others because if you complete these, you will unlock the new FrontierVille Badge system, which will reward you for your regular in-game activity. And, who doesn't want a little recognition for their efforts?

So, to unlock those stinkin' Badges, you'll need to finish all four of the Jackalope Society missions. Here's a look at what you'll need to do to get the job done:

Mission #1: Jackalope Society Initiation

frontierville jackalope society missions 1 -
frontierville jackalope society missions 1 -

The illustrious Jackalope Society has heard of your exploits, and wants to extend an invitation to you. Welcome them to your homestead with a shindig.

  1. Harvest Five Corn

  2. Sell Five Adult Chickens

  3. Buy One BBQ Grill in the Market (2,000 coins)

Rewards for completion:
50 XP, 150 Food

Pro Tip: This mission should be pretty easy to complete. Seasoned FarmVille players already have plenty of chickens, corn doesn't take that long to grow and the BBQ grill doesn't cost big bucks.

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