FrontierVille Badges: Learn how to earn every stinkin' badge right here

frontierville badges -- they're here
frontierville badges -- they're here

After you complete FrontierVille's Jackalope Society Missions, you will be able to access the new Badge system in the game. Right now, there are 13 badges in the game and they can be earned by going about your daily in-game tasks -- visiting 15 neighbors, spending 10,000 coins -- to deliberate badges that require extra effort on your part -- like spending 500 Energy in a Day (which means you'll have to have lots of meals gifted from friends or buy 'em yourself) and scoring 5 points in the Horseshoe Pit (which, fortunately, can be earned by using your neighbors' pits).

I'm sure these badges are just the beginning -- so, if you're an overachiever like me -- try to secure all of these badges before the new ones start showing up. See all 13 badges, what you need to do to earn them, level them up and what rewards you get for completing them after the jump.

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