FarmVille iPhone App Update v. 1.07 to fix stabiility issues

FarmVille for iPhone loading screen

Zynga has pushed yet another update to its infamous FarmVille iPhone app. This time around, in Version 1.07 (much smaller than before), the only changes made were, "Bug fixes to improve loading and resolve crashes," according to the iTunes page. As always, the update is free, but does it really improve anything?

In my experience since the update, loading times are still excruciatingly slow (even on WiFi) and, most importantly, push notifications still refuse to work. Is that not the number one reason players use the iPhone app?

What are your experiences with the FarmVille iPhone app since 1.07 was pushed out? Are you satisfied with the improvements Zynga claims it has made to the app? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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