FarmVille German Animals and Buildings: Gelbvieh Cow, Mountain Tavern and more

Gelbvieh CowLynxMoss CabinMountain Tavern
Black ForestForest WaterfallFlower BedTree Arch
Joining the FarmVille German Theme are more animals, buildings and decorations than you can shake a hiking stick at. Zynga has introduced two new animals, two buildings and four decorations. Here's what was made available in the market recently:


  • Gelbvieh Cow: 22 Farm Cash, Harvest in 1 day
  • Lynx: 18 Farm Cash, Harvest in 2 days


  • Mountain Tavern: 34 Farm Cash, 800 XP
  • Moss Cabin: 300,000 coins, 3,000 XP


  • Forest Waterfall: 34 Farm Cash, 720 XP
  • Black Forest: 22 Farm Cash, 275 XP
  • Tree Arch: 10,000 coins, 100 XP
  • Flower Bed: 3,000 coins, 30 XP

All of these items will be gone in just 11 days and ask for a combined 130 Farm Cash, or just over $20 USD.

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