Cafe World's 1 Year Anniversary Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Cafe World One Year Anniversary Recipes

Zynga's Cafe World is one year old this week and to celebrate (along with a huge sale on Cafe Cash and other items), you'll find five new recipes in your cookbook that are available for one week only. They're essential to finishing the brand new catering order, "One Year Anniversary Party." Complete the order by September 30 to qualify for a chance to win a trip for two to New York City. Join us behind the cut to get all the information you need to complete this daunting order.
Cafe World One Year Catering Order recipes

If you get three stars on the job, you'll get to keep these five limited edition recipes:
  • Anniversary Cake: 300 coins, serves 400 in 8 hours, rewards 1200 coins and 127 Cafe Points
  • Pastilla: 3,350 coins, serves 800 in 16 hours, rewards 6,400 coins and 367 Cafe Points
  • Feijoada: 840 coins, serves 600 in 12 hours, rewards 3,000 coins and 219 Cafe Points
  • Shanghai Dumpling: 4,000 coins, serves 1,100 in 22 hours, rewards 7,700 coins and 440 Cafe Points
  • Ratatouille: 13,000 coins: serves 1,200 in 24 hours, rewards 19,200 coins and 614 Cafe Points

Cafe World Ratatouille

For this limited time order, you'll also need to provide 15 Balloons and 10 Party Favors, which will run you 40 Cafe Cash total, or about $7 USD with the sale that's going on this week. Let's hope being forced to pay Cafe Cash in order to complete Catering Orders doesn't become a trend. Here's what you'll need to cook up to help Amelia host the best party ever:

  • 65 Shanghai Dumplings: 22 hours, unlocks for 14 Cafe Cash
  • 120 Feijoada: 12 hours, unlocks for 12 Cafe Cash
  • 146 Pastilla: 16 hours, unlocks for 17 Cafe Cash
  • 1 Anniversary Cake: 8 hours, unlocks for 8 Cafe Cash

Wow, that is a lot of cooking. Honestly, if you want to complete this in time to qualify for that awesome trip to New York, you'll need the 21 friends that this order calls for. Remember, you can queue up all of your dishes across your friends and start the timer on the order just before the first dish completes to save yourself a lot of time. However, if you're shooting for the trip to New York, you'll need to complete the order by September 30 regardless, so this won't help much. If you just want to finish the order within seven days, this strategy will work out just fine. These are the rewards you'll get for completing the order on time:

  • In seven days: 7,560 Cafe Points; 113,400 coins
  • In 10 days: 5,400 Cafe Points; 81,000 coins
  • More than 10 days: 3,200 Cafe Points; 48,600 coins

With that, all that's left to say is good luck with the biggest order of your online chef career.

Will you be shooting for the trip to New York? Need friends to help you tackle this challenge? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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