Bloons 2 - The long awaited new Bloons game is here.

bloons 2
bloons 2

UPDATE: Bloons 2 is here: Click here to play Bloons 2

At long last Bloons 2 has arrived! The legitimate sequel to the loveable balloon popper released all those years ago is upon us.

With so much time separating the games, fans are expecting big things from Bloons 2. Since the release of the original Bloons, casual gaming has evolved into a more sophisticated pastime. Yet, even with all the pressure on developer NinjaKiwi to deliver quality, they manage to surprise us by going even further. Needless to say, Bloons 2 is a game that fires on all cylinders. Like other masterpieces such as Plants vs Zombies, Bloons 2 surely finds itself among the top tier of online games.

Continue reading to find out just how Bloons 2 manages to raise the bar yet again.