Bloons 2 - The long awaited new Bloons game is here.

bloons 2
UPDATE: Bloons 2 is here: Click here to play Bloons 2

At long last Bloons 2 has arrived! The legitimate sequel to the loveable balloon popper released all those years ago is upon us.

With so much time separating the games, fans are expecting big things from Bloons 2. Since the release of the original Bloons, casual gaming has evolved into a more sophisticated pastime. Yet, even with all the pressure on developer NinjaKiwi to deliver quality, they manage to surprise us by going even further. Needless to say, Bloons 2 is a game that fires on all cylinders. Like other masterpieces such as Plants vs Zombies, Bloons 2 surely finds itself among the top tier of online games.

Continue reading to find out just how Bloons 2 manages to raise the bar yet again.
bloons 2 world map
Though Bloons 2 clearly doesn't stray too far from the Bloons formula for success, it does introduce a lot of new content and features. It can be overwhelming at first so we're gone into detail showing off some of the new additions.
bloons 2
When you first start up Bloons 2 and click past the title screen, you'll be presented with the world map. This is the revamped system for unlocking and selecting levels. Recall that boring table of levels used in the first Bloons and you can immediately see the improvements: namely, the graphics. Bloons 2 is a handsome, vibrant game with a very high level of polish only found in the best online games.
bloons 2
If you played the original Bloons, starting up a level and tossing that first dart with the faithful monkey hero should feel as natural as ever. But there are a few small additions to the gameplay that improve the experience. First, the darkened arrow pictured here shows the direction and power behind your last shot. With this arrow you can easily make very slight adjustments to your shots by lining up the darkened arrow with your aimer. You can also purchase extra upgrades such as a helpful dart guideline, level solutions and destructive Super Monkeys.
bloons 2
In Bloons 2 there are also a ton of wacky new bloons. From the triple dart bloon to a bomb bloon that explodes, vaporizing everything nearby. Below were some of my favorite Bloons 2 bloons.

The bee bloon is absolutely nuts. Pop one of these guys, and you'll have an army of wasps/bees trailing your cursor for a few seconds. Should they come across and bloons or destructible blocks, the bees will absolutely tear them to shreds. However, be careful, smashing your bees at high speed into a solid block will make them explode.
bloons 2
The zero gravity bloon reverses the direction in which a dart will fall. Having to take this additional element into consideration creates some harrowing challenges even the most experienced dart throwing monkeys will have trouble with.

The Bloons 2 fighter ace monkey is by far one of the most ridiculous powerups ever. Here you are, throwing darts at balloons when all of a sudden a plane flies in, tears up balloons with its propeller, and smashes into a wall creating a firey explosion. Fortunately, the monkey manages to escape and parachutes to safety.
bloons 2
There are tons of other bloons such as the lovely flower bloon and camouflage bloons that also mix up the action. However, it is the different combinations of all the different bloons that is really what makes Bloons 2 so awesome. Almost all the levels I played were creative, enjoyable, and involved at least two types of bloons. Not to mention many of the bloons move around now, something that was largely absent from the original Bloons. This also brings me to my next point.

Friends, Bloons 2 is hard, much harder than the first Bloons. At least half of the puzzles ask you to pop all of the bloons on the screen, a feat which sometimes is no easy task. Regardless, finally managing to complete a level you've been stuck on forever is a great feeling and it's never so frustrating you feel like quitting.
bloons 2
Bloons 2 epitomizes the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". It adds new features, graphics, and levels; yet the core gameplay is largely the same as in the original Bloons. The combination of the new and old elements creates a real joy of a game. Simply put, Bloons 2 is dangerously addictive: my stay in the world of Bloons went on far longer than planned, and I don't regret a single moment of it.

If our screen shots weren't enough, we have the latest and greatest game play video below:

---> Click here to play the new Bloons on

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