America's top 10 most unusual haunted places

The Las Vegas stripFright addicts looking for a different way to celebrate Halloween this year might want to visit one or more of the country's most ghost-infested sites.

From Civil War battlegrounds, to haunted highways, to several dozen venues in Vegas rumored to be inhabited by poltergeists, there are plenty of places to keep ghost hunters busy.

A great place to start is the Internet, where ghost chasers throughout the nation offer up myriad tours. A look at the top-10 most unusual haunted offerings:

10. Visit the haunting grounds of Bugsy Seigel, Liberace, Redd Foxx and Elvis in Vegas, including the "Motel of Death," where various celebrities met their demise, with guides who say they received help from a paranormal historian in crafting their tour.

9. Drive the haunted highways of America, including byways in Missouri, Mississippi, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee and many more.

8. Take a walk with ghosts of former patients who are reputed to haunt this psychiatric hospital, located on 325 acres in New Jersey.

7. See the sights at Gettysburg, Pa., the scene of the Civil War's bloodiest battle, where 51,000 Americans were killed or wounded from July 1 to July 3, 1863. Hot spots include the Hunterstown Battlefield, the Gettysburg Engine House and the National Soldier's Orphan Homestead.

6. Decide for yourself whether aliens touched down in Roswell, N.M. in 1947, when many local residents said they saw an unidentified flying object fall from the sky and land in a local rancher's yard. Do they still lurk overhead?

5. Civil War buffs might also want to check out what some consider America's most haunted plantations, located everywhere from Louisiana to Virginia.

4. Travelers who are bewitched by Salem, Mass.' checkered past will want to check out Gallows Hill, which is believed to be haunted by the spirits of 19 witches hanged there.

3. Locals advise that visitors should "use extreme caution" before exploring New Orleans oldest and reputedly most haunted burial ground, St. Louis Cemetery Number 1, where voodoo practitioners are said to refuse to rest.

2. Many ghost hunters are fascinated with California, where dozens of locations from high schools, to former battleships, to rehabilitation clinics, are said to be home to poltergeists. Even Disneyland is reputed to be inhabited by the paranormal.

1. Some believe that San Diego's Whaley House -- where many members of the Whaley family passed away in the half century they lived there -- is America's "most haunted house."
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