A Mafia Wars Wedding: John Sweeney and Joanne Doane find love in their favorite game [Interview]


Love can be found in the most unexpected of places. For John Sweeney and Joanne Doane, it was in the type of place most go to escape from everyday life, but within Zynga's Mafia Wars the two found themselves in a relationship that went above and beyond digital clan wars and leveling up. These lovestruck gamers from two opposite ends of a state soon united and on September 17 at Central Station in Treasure Island, Florida, it was official -- John and Joan became the first husband and wife who met in Mafia Wars.

So, what's it like finding love in your favorite social game and running both a clan and a podcast together? More importantly, how does it all change the way you play? As it turns out for these mafia dons-turned-mafia lovers, not much.

I think this is the first question on a lot of peoples' minds: Where are you going for your honeymoon?

We are thinking of either going to New York as we have family there or maybe just a nice relaxing trip to Hawaii.

Aside from your mob-themed cake, what other elements of Mafia Wars made their way into the ceremony?
We gave everyone toy water guns and knives and everyone had fun attacking each other. They even attacked the bad karaoke singers as that was the going. All in all, good clean fun.