Mafia Wars Old City Bonus grants double mastery on jobs (for some)

Mafia Wars Old City Bonus
Mafia Wars Old City Bonus

A bonus that grants double mastery and extra cash for doing jobs in Mafia Wars' original cities is now live. Called "Old City Bonus," Zynga is rewarding players for finishing up loose ends in cities like New York and Bangkok, says the Mafia Wars Maniac. Completing jobs in these two cities right now will grant double the mastery and lots of extra cash, but not everyone has been invited to the party.

For some players, this feature simply doesn't exist yet. Our first guess is that this bonus is only open to players who either have access to or have mastered Las Vegas, hence the name "Old City Bonus." For someone that hasn't even visited Las Vegas yet, New York and Bangkok aren't exactly "old cities." As of his writing, it's uncertain whether this bonus applies to Cuba or Moscow. If you're one of the lucky few, enjoy increased mastery and more dough for visiting your old stomping grounds.

[Via Mafia Wars Maniac]

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