Ken Burns: Baseball 'has always been a business'

On September 28, legendary filmmaker Ken Burns updates his classic 1994 PBS documentary Baseball with four new hours, called The Tenth Inning. When Burns left off telling the tale of baseball, a players' strike had crippled the sport. In the years since, an entire generation has grown up knowing baseball only as a sport of drug controversy and bloated salaries. Has it been ruined?

How has big money affected America's Favorite Pastime, and has it ruined the grand old game? Burns' answer puts a check on our criticisms of the game.

He also, with the shrewd historian's eye that has made him the standard-bearer of documentary film-making, has fascinating parallels to draw between the working-class Irish and German immigrants who fed America's industrial power and the modern wave of Caribbean players feeding modern baseball.

To catch PBS' The Tenth Inning, check your local listings. If you saw Ken Burns' previous series, The National Parks: America's Best Idea, you can watch Jason's chat with him about that by clicking here.