JetBlue Plane Landed with Parking Brake On

A JetBlue plane that blew its main tires and caught fire at Sacramento International Airport in California last month had its parking brake on prior to landing, according to a preliminary federal safety agency report.

Investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board say recorded flight data shows the Airbus A320-232 had its parking brake engaged as it made its approach at an altitude of 5,100 feet, and the brake was on through the landing.

As the jet slowed on the runway, four tires and the main landing gear blew out and caused a minor fire.

The NTSB says the first officer was flying the plane from Long Beach, but the captain took over when the problem occurred. The tower reported seeing sparks and smoke, the NTSB says.

Passengers were evacuated on emergency slides on the runway, and seven suffered minor injuries. There were 86 passengers and five crew members onboard the flight.

The NTSB says neither pilot recalls seeing any warnings about the brake being on prior to landing.

Photo, mrkathika, flickr

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