FarmVille: Two gnomes walk into a bar for Oktoberfest...

FarmVille German Gnome and Oktoberfest Girl Gnome
More Limited Edition Germany items have paraded into FarmVille over the pass few days, but Oktoberfest decor is coming in at barely a trickle. Even so, the next sneak peek items for Oktoberfest are guaranteed fan favorites -- gnomes! At least two dozen gnomes have been released for the game at this point, and now there's a gnome wearing lederhosen and carrying a beer mug with the German flag emblazoned on it, and a girl gnome in a dirndl for your FarmVille gnome collection.

Unfortunately, there's no telling when these gnomes will actually appear. After all, Oktoberfest Tent was leaked at the same time as the German Clock Tower, but the Clock is now out at the game store, while there's still no signs of the Tent.

[Via FarmVille Freak]
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