FarmVille fan site drama! FVFan takes on FarmVille Feed

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Running and hosting a fan site dedicated to a favorite game can be a lot of fun, but when the game in question is one as popular as FarmVille, situations can escalate quickly. Like when owner Kendall wrote a post today in response to what he says are personal attacks from Dan Farthing, owner of

Within the post, Kendall explains his reasons for leaving FarmVille Feed (emphasized later as FarmvilleFEEEd, for whatever reason) and later starting FVFan, most importantly Farthing's constant pleas for donation money to keep the site running. Kendall, "called him out on making donation threads" and was banned from posting to the site. Since he began his one-man show, Kendall claims that Farthing has threatened him with attempts to take down FVFan for using images that were also found on FarmVille Feed.

"A little lesson in copyright law, he doesn't own any images that he publishes," Kendall said. "Zynga owns them all. He can put his little FarmvilleFEEEd [watermark] all over them, but Zynga owns the images."

Since that rebuttal, the FVFan owner claims that it hasn't stopped, "SOMEONE from making fake account[s] up and saying HORRIBLE things..."

Kendall's next step? Considering his legal options (yikes!). Geez, can't we FarmVille fanboys just get along?

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