FarmVille Co-Op Farming: Crafting Jobs coming soon for every farm

FarmVille Co-Op Crafting Jobs
FarmVille Co-Op Crafting Jobs

Zynga will soon expand Co-Op Farming in FarmVille to cover Crafting Jobs as well for the game's three crafting buildings: wineries, bakeries and spas. The update, which is being released slowly across the game's 60 million-plus players, will allow farmers to collaborate on large-scale versions of Crafting Jobs that users have unlocked on their own. Fortunately, players can participate in a Crafting Job started by a neighbor even if they can't start it alone.

Players will be timed as soon as they begin production of large amounts of crops and be able to win gold, silver and bronze medals depending on how fast the job gets done. Don't fret, you'll be able to buy more time for each job with Farm Cash as well. In addition to winning medals for fast completion times, teams will also be rewarded with coins, XP and Bushels of crops relevant to the crafting recipe at hand.

While these jobs are essentially harvesting a huge amount of crops against the clock, the bonus XP, coins and bushels should (hopefully) be well worth the effort. Stay tuned for when these new jobs hit your Co-Op menu and if you haven't created any crafting buildings yet, that should be your first order of business.

[Via FarmVille Blog]

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