Buyers Beware: Was That House a Crime Scene?

People are attracted to homes with history, but some houses come with back stories that may be too gruesome for most buyers. Just this year, for example, the Long Island, N.Y., home of serial killer Joel Rifkin and the Amityville Horror house, also on Long Island, went on the market. Both are the scenes of horrific crimes.

And in August 2010, Anthony and Rita Bucklew discovered that they had signed a contract to buy the Colorado home (pictured at left) where a convicted serial killer is believed to have murdered his young female victims.

"My wife and I want out of this house," says Bucklew, who moved in before learning about the home's history. He also wants to strengthen Colorado's disclosure laws, which like those of many states don't require sellers to tell prospective buyers if there has been a death on the property.