Vampire Wars Paris Missions: Everything you need to know

Vampire Wars Paris is now live
Vampire Wars Paris is now live

Zynga has finally opened the mysterious portal to Paris in Vampire Wars and now it's time to complete the missions before it closes forever on October 15. The goal of the Paris missions is to protect Saggan's (creepy monkey lover pictured above) son, Gabriel, as he marries a mortal woman, Annette Dupont, and draws attention from Andre Moreau and a slew of undead enemies.

The first of six chapters of missions, "The Request," is open now with the next one unlocking on September 24. After that, each chapter will unlock every four days until the final set of missions opens up on October 8.

Completing each mission chapter with Level 3 Mastery will net you a limited edition ability to use in combat, but mastering the entire series will reward you with an Epic Ability: Soif de Sang, an offensive ability with 225 Attack and 50 Defense. Not to mention five random players who find this item before October 15 will win 1,000 Favor Points. Join us behind the cut for more information on these limited edition missions.