Facebook games: Three new games you must play this week

If you're looking for some new games to play, here are three interesting games that made AppData's Top 20 Gainers this week. For those looking for a more traditional property management game with a tropical twist, we found Critter Island might scratch that itch. Car Town (pictured below) is one of those rare Facebook games that require skill and attentiveness to play, much like Bubble Town: Party Planet, which is backed by some serious brands like Honda. If you just can't get enough of a good old, resource-hoggin' strategy game, then Backyard Monsters should do the trick, but you wouldn't know from just its title.
And that's why we bring you this weekly look at some of the more intriguing Facebook games that could very be the next big thing. Join us behind the cut for a better look into what these three potential gems are all about.
Critter Island gameplay

Critter Island

Locking into the 11 spot this week, we have oddly-named Critter Island by LOLapps, a soothing island resort management game with around 970 thousand users and growing. You've been given an island property and your task is to turn it around into a profitable island destination. Tourists will begin flooding into your island as soon as a two-hour shift starts (similar to Restaurant City), demanding food, drink and entertainment, which you can fulfill by building attractions like bars, barbecue huts and mini golf courses. These properties will need to be restocked regularly to keep the goods going out to the customers.

Properties and decorations for your island cost either coins or Facebook, the former you'll by running a fine establishment. Another rating to keep track of is your popularity, which increase with the amount of decorations you add to your island. As goes with most games in this sub genre, if you build it, they will come. Visiting friends' islands lets you restock their properties with fresh goods for free and lei visitors, giving them enhanced tips for a short time. We know, it doesn't sound any more striking than other property management games, but there's an interesting catch.

Collecting stars that patrons drop along with their tips will triple your tip percentage for eight hours if you fill your star meter up. After eight hours, you'll have to fill the meter again to keep the tips flowing. The star catching feature will keep you hooked long enough to enjoy the game for a for 20-minute spurts while hopefully maintaining your interest in coming back for more tips.

The game is still in its early stages, allowing players to expand their island and later manage multiple islands. However, we don't have an idea in the slightest as to why this game is called "Critter Island." We'll go with the clientele.

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Car Town

Car Town

Cie Games brings us Car Town, a car management and racing game that boasts over 4.3 million users in last place this week. After choosing your first from three entry-level, used cars, you can customize its body work down to the wheels. Just about every car in the game is a much cuter version of an existing vehicle, like my purple 2008 Toyota Yaris. The game features even more intense product placement, like the 2011 Honda CRX that's for sale within the game. Looks like branding is taking off.

In order to buy higher-grade cars and race in tougher competitions, you'll have to either work on your friends cars in your garage or win lots of races. Working on cars in your garage is the most surefire way to make some dough, requiring you to pick up the payment within the same amount of time the job took or you'll lose it (not for someone on my schedule). To increase the amount of jobs you can take on at once, you'll have to buy more lifts and hire more of your friends to help out. However, you'll still be restricted by the time limits, so pay attention! Honestly, this portion of the game is down right snore inducing, but racing is where Car Town will test your skills (and maintain interest).

Clicking on some cars that pass by your garage will open up the option to race them, which leads you to an mildly challenging mini game that requires precision to win. You can also challenge your friends and win 500 coins a race by selecting the "Challenges" tab above your friends panel. A third way to race is through missions that will open up by clicking on your car, complete these missions to increase your level and earn perks like free tests, which give you time with a car that can be yours if you win 25 races with it in one week. No pressure, huh?

Racing is simple enough to learn, but requires your attention if you want to stay on top and win the race. Each race consists of you shifting into first, second and third gear just as the needle touches the red portion of the meter in the center of the screen. The closer the needle to gets to the red without touching it, the faster you'll go. The final score tallies your reaction time to the green light and all three gears. Send your score to your friend and if he scores a time worse than yours, you'll get an easy 500 coins. While the garage management portion of the game is a bore, racing around in new cars, showing them off in car shows and bragging to your friends is what's going to keep you in Car Town.

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Backyard Monsters

Backyard Monsters gameplay

Backyard Monsters from The Casual Collective is a game similar to last week's Monster World (with much prettier, isometric 3D visuals) in that you employ monsters to build up a piece of land, but that's about where the similarity stops. The game, which enjoys over 1.7 million users and sits in this week's 15 spot, asks players to build the ultimate monster backyard by putting tiny blue slimes to work.

These slimes will build your structures for you that gather resources (goo, twigs, pebbles and putty) used to build higher-grade buildings or defensive towers to protect your backyard from enemies. The game follows a logical progression of building similar to strategy games like Civilization. The game's paid resource, shiny, allows players to buy speed boosts and limited time protection items.

First, you'll need to build a Town Hall, the backbone of any monster's backyard. Then you'll have to build structures to gather resources like the Pebble Shiner and the Putty Squisher. Most importantly, you'll have to build defensive structures like the Sniper and Cannon Towers to fend off other players. Wait, this sounds familiar.

This game, much like Kingdoms of Camelot from last week, seems to host real-time, multiplayer combat. You're given two weeks time to build up your backyard with turrets and towers before the real game begins, so sit tight if you're interested in seeing what happens next. (Hint: Expect lots of monster blood.)

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Have you tried any of these games yet? If so, what did you think? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.
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