Pet Society: Hideeni returns with moody fruit plushies, find them all for a prize!

The Great Hideeni Returns
The Great Hideeni Returns

The Great Hideeni has returned to Pet Society bringing brand new collectibles, and a new prize and, unsurprisingly, a brand new pink pineapple costume. Find him in your house, your friends' houses or in stores at random for the great Hide-and-Seeker to grant you a chance to give five of your friends one of 12 moody fruits.

Unlike some gift-giving events, gifting a moody fruit with the help of Hideeni does not create one of the same for yourself. You'll have to receive all 12 of the moody fruits from your friends in order to get the new Pineapple Mask item. Who knows how long Hideeni will be around for, so get to seeking and remember to gift the moody fruits to your friends so that they'll wan to return the favor.

How many times have you found Hideeni so far? What other events would you like to see in Pet Society. Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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