KFC goes 'Double Down' on backsides of college girls for $500

College women advertise KFC Double Down sandwichTo advertise its bunless Double Down chicken sandwich, KFC is paying college co-eds $500 to advertise on their buns, a move that should make women's rights advocates cringe but might encourage men to buy the artery-clogging $5.49 sandwich.

The red sweatpants have the KFC Double Down logo and a portrait of Colonel Sanders on the back, turning the women into human billboards. According to a KFC press release, the company launched the ad campaign this week in Louisville, Ky., where the "brand ambassadors" enticed fellow students across campus with KFC gift certificates.

KFC will pick students at three unnamed campuses to advertise its Double Down sandwich, and to hand out free gift checks. The company's press release has a photo of women handing men sandwich containers, although how a sandwich that has 540 calories, 32 grams of fat and 1,380 milligrams of sodium can be sexy is quite a stretch. A few of the sandwiches will likely make the diner's behind too big to fit into the sweatpants. A grilled version with only 480 calories is also available.

College women who want the jobs can express their interest on the KFC Facebook page. Some women at Arizona State University are already hyped about the chance to make $500 giving away chicken, and have lobbied for jobs on the Facebook page.

The nation's largest women's group doesn't like it, according to a USA Today story. "It's so obnoxious to once again be using women's bodies to sell fundamentally unhealthy products," Terry O'Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, said in the USA Today story. What's more, she says, KFC has forgotten something important: Women make more than half the decisions about what to eat for dinner.

A KFC marketing chief told the newspaper that young men are its target audience for the Double Down, and that young women are the best way to reach them.

A pile of chicken, bacon, cheese, and more chicken in a wrapper is just what those guys need to be shoving into their mouths to attract women.
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