Secret Weapons and Underused Resources for Your Career Arsenal


As I stood in line to check in at the welcome table for my neighborhood party last week, I took special notice of the two gentlemen in front of me.

One man turned to his friend and pulled the man's name tag off of his shirt. When asked why he had done that, he replied, "You always wear your name tag above your right breast pocket, so that people see it when they meet you and go to shake your hand."

"Oh that makes perfect sense," said the friend. "When you stretch out your hand to shake someone else's, they see the name tag clear as day." But then he added, "If it's so simple and obvious, why don't more people do it?"

"Maybe no one has told them," was the reply. "I learned it at a job fair at a chamber of commerce event years ago."

I smiled to myself, being familiar with this old meet-and-greet trick, which I too had been told years ago at a chamber of commerce event.

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