Berlin Slang

Berlin Slang

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Welcome to Berlin. Here is a closer look at some of the local language, including Berlin slang phrases that can help make your trip abroad more enjoyable.

Phrase: Sprechen sie Englisch?
Translation: Do you speak English?
When traveling abroad, it is always a good idea to try and speak the local language whenever possible; however, if you find yourself stumped and in need of assistance, this would be the phrase that could potentially save the day.

Phrase: Wie erreicht man?

Translation: How do I get to?
Berlin has some of the most memorable historical sites anywhere in the world. Finding them all without assistance can be a tricky task. Locals, for the most part, are very proud of their national landmarks and would be happy to point you in the right direction, if you ask nicely enough. Knowing how to ask in the local lingo may even get you a personal escort.

Phrase: Guten tag

Translation: Good day.
Respect is something that is taken very seriously in Berlin. Knowing how to properly greet the local residents can go a long way in winning over the people you encounter. This can also be used as a way of parting company with someone. Keep in mind, just as in American slang, some phrases can be used in various ways.

Word: Danke
Translation: Thank you.
As in any culture, expressing gratitude for someone's act of kindness is a sign of respect. This phrase is taken very seriously in Berlin lingo. The locals feel if they have done something to deserve your thanks, then you should acknowledge it.

Phrase: Das schmeckt
Translation: It tastes good.
In German culture, any excuse to eat is a good excuse. What trip to Berlin would be complete without sampling as much of the local flavor as possible? Be sure to convey your appreciation to the people who have applied time-honored traditions when preparing a meal. Praise is graciously accepted in Berlin slang; do not be afraid to dish it out.

Phrase: Wo ist die Bank?

Translation: Where is the bank?
I don't know about you, but one of the most important things for me to know when I travel to any foreign county is the location of the nearest bank. Personally, I do not like to have currency exchanged until I arrive. Some people prefer to use Travelers Cheques, but I think that keeping cash on hand is always a smart bet-you never know what needs may arise. This simple slang phrase may come in handy more than you think.

Phrase: Was kostet das?
Translation: How much is this?
When shopping in Berlin, you may notice that not every item in a retail shop will have a price tag. Daily fluctuations in market prices can affect the value of certain products from day to day. If you are ever unsure of how much products like fresh fruit or vegetables will cost you, knowledge of Berlin slang will prove invaluable. Head to the checkout line and politely ask. Shopkeepers will be glad to assist you.

Phrase: Wo ist die Toilette?
Translation: Where is the toilet?
In preparation for travel to another country, one thing that has become a part of my checklist is knowing how to ask where the restroom is located. Anyone who has had to frantically search for one without any way of asking local residents can vouch for the importance of knowing this phrase. Understanding this local lingo may just save you from being caught with your pants down.

Phrase: Wie heissen sie?
Translation: What is your name?
Showing interest in locals can be a huge step towards fitting in. This simple slang phrase shows locals that you appreciate their culture and would like to know more about who they are. Feeling like an outsider is never fun, especially when you are trying to experience Berlin culture.

Word: Entschuldigung
Translation; Sorry, Excuse me.
No one likes to be interrupted when they are holding a conversation and the locals in Berlin are no different. If the matter is of great importance and you are able to articulate your apologies in slang terms you will find most will be happy to assist you.

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