Produce your own TV shows with Tellywood

Tellywood isn't a brand new game, it has been around since late June, but it has recently popped onto our radar after being added to the Applifier network. In this game, you are a studio producer who creates new television shows and episodes. It's a neat concept that we haven't seen before in any other games, so we decided to take a closer look and see if the game is fun to play.

In Tellywood, you're given a large plot of land to do with as you please. While you can simply decorate with leisure items to make the space look good, the main point of the game is to build sets for your TV shows. Purchasing a set costs quite a bit of money; in fact, we were only able to test one set. When you build a set, you get to choose from a wide range of genres such as a hospital show, a court show, a police show, or a romance show. We chose "Stranded" because we're big fans of LOST. After you have chosen your show, you get to place the set down on your Tellywood map wherever you'd like.
Once you choose which show you would like to produce, you can cast the show at your Production Center with either your friends (which is free) or with Superstars (which cost Cash). Actions in Tellywood cost Production Points, which is the energy mechanic. When you are setting up a show at your Production Center, you can choose what your budget is for the show. Increasing your budget gives you more XP (referred to as Viewers in Tellywood) and earnings, but costs more Production Points.

If this all feels familiar, it's because it isn't all that original aside from a new theme. There are a couple new mechanics though, such as the Paparazzi. Occasionally you will find Paparazzi on either your studio or your friends' studios. If you collect 20 Paparazzi, you can trade them in for one Production Point. This is an interesting way to earn back your energy faster so that you can play the game longer.

Other than that, Tellywood contains all the makings of a Facebook hit. It has gifting, achievements, neighbors, studio expansions, and decorations. Tellywood uses Facebook Credits exclusively, so in order to buy upgrades for your sets, fancy decor items, and to refill your Production Points, you will need to buy Cash with Facebook Credits. The interface is slick and easy to figure out, and the art in the game is pleasing to look at.

All in all, we think Tellywood is a pretty neat game in a theme we haven't seen before. While it isn't innovating to the extreme, it does feel fresh considering we haven't seen another television production game before. What do you think of the game? Tell us in the comments!

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