Produce your own TV shows with Tellywood

Tellywood isn't a brand new game, it has been around since late June, but it has recently popped onto our radar after being added to the Applifier network. In this game, you are a studio producer who creates new television shows and episodes. It's a neat concept that we haven't seen before in any other games, so we decided to take a closer look and see if the game is fun to play.

In Tellywood, you're given a large plot of land to do with as you please. While you can simply decorate with leisure items to make the space look good, the main point of the game is to build sets for your TV shows. Purchasing a set costs quite a bit of money; in fact, we were only able to test one set. When you build a set, you get to choose from a wide range of genres such as a hospital show, a court show, a police show, or a romance show. We chose "Stranded" because we're big fans of LOST. After you have chosen your show, you get to place the set down on your Tellywood map wherever you'd like.

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