Survey: Two out of every three Americans plays games

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PlayFirst, publisher of ubiquitous time-management game Diner Dash, has teamed up with Frank Magid Associates, a research-based consulting firm, to find out more on the state of causal gaming. Casual gaming is -- no surprise -- still growing on almost every possible platform, according to the survey of 2,075 Americans. However, the study also suggests that 80 percent of those 18 to 34-years-old play casual games regularly. That's quite a lot of gamers (and quite a lot of money).

"Casual digital game play has truly become a pervasive part of the American lifestyle now that we can take our games with us anywhere and play them anytime," says Mari Baker, president and CEO of PlayFirst. "The popularity of emotionally engaging casual games is exploding due to the convenience factor mobile and social platforms bring to game players of both genders and all ages."

How pervasive has gaming become in America, exactly? The survey says 80 percent of gamers enjoy playing games more than watching movies, listening to music and reading books, newspapers or magazines. Now, that is huge.