Pet Society Bunny Dispenser: Collect six bunny toys from the comfort of your home

Pet Society Bunny Dispenser
Pet Society Bunny Dispenser

Playfish has added one of the weirder items to grace our presence in Pet Society, the Bunny Dispenser. For 8 Playfish Cash, or about $2, you'll get this goofy gadget containing six collectible bunny toys, straight from your home (hey, at least it's not as weird as what Crowdstar is up to).

Each use of the dispenser seems to cost 250 coins and it's unknown whether you're guaranteed a new bunny every time. The bunnies come in six varieties: blue, green, pink, yellow, purple and light blue. However, we're kind of in the dark on why we couldn't just go to the market and buy each bunny ourselves for 1 Playfish Cash a piece. Don't question a cute thing?

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