Mall Dreams takes Facebook games to another social level


You might already know Metrogames from their popular title Fashion World, and now they have just released another game that is likely to climb up the charts. Mall Dreams just launched several days ago, and it's not what you'd like. With "Mall" in the title, I immediately assumed that it would be a game like Mall World or It-Girl, where the goal is to buy outfits for your avatar and sell them. Mall Dreams is actually a tycoon game, in which you don't have an avatar at all. The goal of the game is to grow a mall by buying shops, decorations, and transportation, and pleasing your customers.

The game features an overhead view similar to other tycoon-style games such as Zoo Paradise or Happy Island. Patrons walk around buying things from your stores, and you can keep them happy by directing them to the stores they're desiring. Shops can simply be purchased with coins from the store, and after they are placed on the grid they can be upgraded using coins. Everyone starts out with one area to build upon, and as they level up they can unlock new areas.