Happy Aquarium: Leaf Collection and limited edition Sharks begin the search for leaves and Pearls

Happy Aquarium Leaf Collection

Crowdstar has released a new collection to Happy Aquarium called the Leaf Collection as well as new, limited edition sharks for players to buy with either Pearls or Facebook Credits (but will they ever compare to the new queen of the tank?).

First things first, this new Leaf Collection is open to players Level 21 and above, tasking them with finding nine different leaves in tribute to the fall. Find all nine by visiting your friends and perusing through their treasure chests and you'll be rewarded with the Leaf Fish. However, some leaves are rarer than others, so don't expect this to be a cakewalk.

More on the new updates after the break.
Happy Aquarium ChompersHappy Aquarium Nurse SharkHappy Aquarium Pink SharkHappy Aquarium Tiger SharkHappy Aquarium Whale Shark

In other news, five new shark pets are available in the store. Here are the five new pets, each with only about 6000 left a piece as of this writing:

  • Whale Shark: 60 Pearls or 50 Facebook Credits ($5 USD)
  • Pink Shark: 79 Pearls or 66 Facebook Credits ($6.60 USD)
  • Chompers: 79 Pearls or 66 Facebook Credits ($6.60 USD)
  • Tiger Shark: 79 Pearls or 66 Facebook Credits ($6.60 USD)
  • Nurse Shark: 66 Pearls or 57 Facebook Credits ($5.70 USD)

Each of these fish will reach adulthood, if fed regularly, in 32 hours. Again, like most fish in Happy Aquarium, there are only a limited amount of these available. So, get to saving now if you want to turn your tank into a complete shark's den.

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Will you be buying all the new Sharks? How far along are you in finding the illusive Leaf Fish? Tell us in the comments. Add Comment.
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