Gambler Loses Big on Cruise Ship, Jumps to his Death

A 51-year-old Chinese man jumped to his death from a cruise ship after apparently losing more than $386,000 in the casino.

The gambler, identified as Xu, was a passenger on the SuperStar Aquarius, operated by Asian cruise line Star Cruises.

The 1,500-passenger ship was on its way back to Hong Kong after a two-day party cruise when the incident occurred, according to local news reports.

Xu was seen betting at a gaming table after dinner, and remained at the table until 8 a.m., according to other passengers.

After the big losses, he reportedly wandered around the top deck of the 13-deck ship for about an hour before taking his fatal leap.

A spokesman for Star Cruises says the captain was alerted someone had fallen into the sea, stopped the ship and called in rescue teams.

The man's body was retrieved. Police ruled out foul play.

Photo, brownpau, flickr

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