FrontierVille Boosts can help your harvest, revive withered crops - for a price

frontierville tips on
frontierville tips on

FrontierVille boosts have made their debut in the Market (after appearing briefly a few weeks ago), and these are designed to help make all of your harvesting easier -- for a premium. These items cost anywhere between 10-100 Horseshoes (roughly $1 to $10).

If you've played FarmVille most of the boosts will seem pretty familiar, and while I'd probably avoid buying most of these, I do like the idea of the Wither Protection boost -- I can't count how many times I've planted crops on my frontier, then forget and come back to find a bunch of withered plants.

Here's the complete list of FrontierVille boosts currently available:

Fruit Ready
Cost: 80 horseshoes
Effect: Instantly make all fruit trees ready to harvest

Animal Ready
Cost: 100 Horseshoes
Effect: Instantly make all animals ready to harvest

Fruit Harvest
Cost 36 Horseshoes
Effect: Instantly harvest all fruit trees