Want fries with that? FarmVille and McDonalds team up for promotion

farmville mcdonalds cafe promotion -- games.com
Looks like FarmVille has partnered up with one of the most recognized brands in the world -- McDonalds. Based on this series of unreleased images spotted on several fans sites, it looks like Zynga and the Golden Arches will run a promotion that might be along the lines of the popular 7-Eleven promotion that ran earlier this year.

There is no official confirmation on this partnership or details yet. But, for speculation's sake, maybe you will be able to buy a special FarmVille-branded McCafe and redeem a code on the cup for a special in-game item, like a branded flag or coffee cup in the images above. Stay tuned for more details when we've got 'em.

Update (9/22): See more FarmVille McDonalds-themed items below:

farmville mcdonalds yellow table - blog.games.com

FarmVille Unreleased
McDonalds Yellow Table

farmville mcdonalds red table
FarmVille Unreleased
McDonalds Red Table
farmville mcdonalds bakery -- blog.games.comFarmVille Unreleased
McDonalds Bakery
farmville mcdonalds cafe -- blog.games.comFarmVille Unreleased
McDonalds Cafe
farmville mcdonalds dairy barn -- blog.games.comFarmVille Unreleased
McDonald's Dairy Barn
FarmVille Unreleased
McDonald's Garden

FarmVille Unreleased McDonald's Crop

FarmVille Unreleased McDonald's Crop Grown

farmville mcdonaldsfarmville mcdonaldsfarmville mcdonalds

farmville mcdonalds

[Via FarmVille Freak, FVFan]

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