Cafe World "Sunday Brunch" Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Cafe World Sunday Brunch Promo

The sixth catering order teased yesterday by the Zynga team is finally live in Cafe World. Titled "Sunday Brunch," this catering gig requires that you complete the previous "Dinner Party" order in less than 10 days.

Again, the rewards from this job will depend on how long it takes you. However, only completing the job within seven days will allow you to move on to the next catering order when it goes live. No pressure, right? Don't worry, with our help behind the break you'll have this order done in no time at all.Cafe World Sunday Brunch LadyThis order does require a lot, but if you fail to complete the order after starting it or you're not satisfied with the results, you can always do it over. Here are the dishes you'll need to make to complete the order and how long they'll take:

  • 195 Eggs Benedict: 6 hours per 190 servings, 16 Cafe Cash to unlock*
  • 195 Lox Bagel: 3 hours per 135 servings, 14 Cafe Cash to unlock
  • 120 Belgian Waffles: 2 hours per 150 servings, 12 Cafe Cash to unlock
  • 120 Powdered French Toast: 20 minutes per 37 servings, 8 Cafe Cash to unlock

*If you're feeling lazy stretched for time, each of these requirements can be bypassed by paying a certain amount of Cafe Cash.

Unfortunately for the newbies, you'll need to be at least Level 43 before you can complete this order as the Powdered French Toast recipe doesn't unlock until then. Also, you'll need to spend Cafe Cash regardless on this order, since you'll need 10 Bottles of Maple Syrup and 15 Serving Baskets for this order, which cost 2 and 1 Cafe Cash a piece respectively. So, a minimum of 35 Cafe Cash (about $7) and 21 hours later, you'll have completed the sixth catering order in Cafe World!

Those numbers sound daunting, we know. But when you enlist the help of up to 21 friends whose work will count for their own "Sunday Brunch" catering orders, you shouldn't worry too much about getting this done on time. Here's what's in it for you should you complete the gig:

  • Within three days: 4,158 Cafe Points, 62,370 coins and the Banana Nut recipe
  • Within seven days: 2,970 Cafe Points and 44,450 coins
  • More than seven days: 1,782 Cafe Points and 26,730 coins

Keep in mind that you'll need to complete the order within seven days to gain access to the next order whenever it's released. Here's a hot tip: you can load up your stoves with as many of the required dishes as possible before starting the order. Accept the order just before the first of those dishes is complete and you just bought yourself some serious time.

Just remember to plan out with your friends who will cook what. If you have enough friends working together to follow this strategy all at the same time, you can have this order done in minutes, but you didn't hear that from us.

Have you already started the "Sunday Brunch?" What are your thoughts so far? What do you think of the required Cafe Cash payout in order to complete the order? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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