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dakota housing marketSee the surprising news out of the Dakotas, check out the latest in housing scams, and read up on the state of the 30-year mortgage. It's all here -- and more -- on HousingWatch this week.

1. North, South Dakota Weathering Housing Crisis Better Than Most
Hold the hokey jokes and "Fargo" quotes -- it turns out that the Dakotas are way ahead the rest of the country when it comes to housing market stability. See what they're doing right. Read more.

2. Scammers Sell House While Owner Is Away
Check out the unbelievable tale of a man's house being sold right out from under him! Then read up on a few tips to keep the same sort of thing from happening to you. Read more.
3. 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage: Will We Become a Rental Nation?
With longer-term (i.e. smaller monthly payment) mortgages on the way out, homeownership may soon be out of reach for many Americans. See what upcoming changes might mean for you. Read more.

4. Credit Repair Scams Hurt Prospective Homebuyers
Just like your mama told you: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So be sure to read the fine print when a "credit repair" company offers to improve your credit score. Read more.

5. Ricky Martin Still Can't Flip Florida Estate
Turns out that sexy Latino Ricky Martin is a flop as a flipper. Even daring to hope for a 40 percent profit on a home sale these days is, well, living la vida loca. Read more.

6. Google Earth: Spying Housing-Code Scofflaws
No longer just a cool way to see what's behind your neighbor's fence (not to mention being the modern-day equivalent of looking up your own name in the phone book), Google Earth is now being used by housing code agencies. See how when you read more.

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