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In a recent survey of Facebook users, over 50% of the respondents play games on the social network and 19% say they're 'addicted' to games like FarmVille, where you plant and harvest virtual crops with. In roughly a year, Facebook has gone from a place where you upload NSFW party pics to a full-fledged gaming platform.

FarmVille is the call brand of Facebook gaming -- you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't at least heard of this virtual farm game -- but there are hundreds of other social games on the platform waiting for discovery. How do you know which ones are worth your time? Take a gander at this list of the 20 best Facebook games, based on number of players.

farmville - best facebook game -
Join the virtual farming revolution with the game that started it all -- FarmVille. Plant and harvest crops, trees and animals, while working with friends to collaboratively build a hodge podge of items, everything from a beehive to a pigpen. Once you've mastered farming, try your hand at running a winery, spa or bakery. Give it a try -- 60 million players can't be wrong.

Play FarmVille on Facebook now >

zynga poker - best facebook games -
Texas Hold 'Em Poker
Knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em is crucial to beating the competition in the best poker game on Facebook. Play Texas Hold 'Em against random live players and partner up with friends to give each other extra chips and boosts. Best of all, no one will ever be able to read your 'tells' when you're bluffing.

Play Zynga Poker on Facebook >

frontierville best facebook games -
Travel to the Wild West and create your very own frontier town, while keeping nature at bay, in this case, wild grass, trees, snakes, bears and other pesky varmints. This simulation game gives you lots of missions, so you're never stuck wondering what to do next, and IMHO, is a must-play for anyone interested in Facebook/social gaming or life as a pioneer.

Play FrontierVille on Facebook >
mafia wars facebook
Mafia Wars
If you like any of the following: The Godfather, Scarface, Sopranos, Grand Theft Auto or Mafia II, take your passion for mob life and put it into this text-based social game where you head up your own virtual mafia. Clicking on buttons and watching progress bars has never been more fulfilling.

Play Mafia Wars on Facebook >
cafe world best facebook games
Cafe World
Try your hand a running a virtual cafe, cooking dishes and returning to serve them before they go bad. Recently, the game added a series of Catering Missions that have really turned up the heat.

Play Cafe World on Facebook >
treasure isle best facebook games
Treasure Isle
Dig up buried treasure in Zynga's click-adventure game on Facebook. You'll unearth scads of items while digging your way through umpteen islands, including some that are populated with ninja monkeys. Ninja monkeys - can you dig it? We can.

Play Treasure Isle on Facebook >

petville best facebook games
Raise and care for a virtual pet by feeding and bathing it regularly and doing other normal pet things -- like building their wardrobe and decorating their palatial homes from top to bottom.

Play PetVille on Facebook >

mindjolt facebook games
MindJolt Games
Word games, puzzles games, card games and clones of your favorite old-school video games make up the always popular Mind Jolt games Facebook app.

Play MindJolt games on Facebook >

pet society best facebook games
Pet Society
Pet Society is a pet simulation game where you care for pets -- feed, bathe and clothe them -- and take them treasure hunting for rare items and to the pond to scare up some of the most creative fish you've ever seen. My favorite? The Macaronfish.

Play Pet Society on Facebook >

bejeweled blitz best facebook games
Bejeweled Blitz
This is Bejeweled for the Facebook gaming set. Match three or more sets of the same colored gems as many times as possible in one minute. Then see how your score fares against your friends. Keep playing for countless hours to beat them all, only to have your high score erased in a week, and then it all begins again.

Play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook >

happy aquarium best facebook games
Happy Aquarium
Stock and run your own virtual fishtank in Happy Aquarium. Keeping your tank algae free has never been easier and, if you forget to feed your fish, they'll be sad, but you won't ever find them floating belly up.

Play Happy Aquarium on Facebook >

zoo world best facebook games
Zoo World
Play Zoo Keeper to the world's largest island zoo. Keep the place stocked with animals and draw more visitors by constantly building and adding new attractions. The best part of the game? This is the one zoo where you're actually encouraged to feed the animals.

Play Zoo World on Facebook >

restaurant city best facebook games
Restaurant City
It's your turn to play restaurateur in this adorable game from Playfish. This game is similar to Cafe World, but focuses less on
cooking times and more on collecting ingredients to build out an impressive menu.

Play Restaurant City on Facebook >

market street facebook
Market Street
Put your retail ambitions to the test in this game that lets you set up and run your own store--whether it's clothes, music or hardware goods -- or a combination of all three. Just remember to put your stock on the floor or you'll be forced to liquidate.

Play Market Street on Facebook >

fishville facebook
Take care of your own virtual fish tank, stocking it with fish and keeping them fed. Warning: if you don't take care of your swimming friends regularly, you'll find yourself with a tank full of floaters.

Play FishVille on Facebook >

happy pets facebook
Happy Pets
If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to be a cat lady, this is your chance. Pile as many cats as you can in a room (the more you upgrade, the more your house can hold) and then care for them and play with them. Kitties not you thing? There's dogs, gerbils, bunnies and pet dinosaurs, too.

Play Happy Pets on Facebook >

nightclub city best facebook games
Nightclub City
Keep the party happening long after the night is over in this dance club simulation game from Booyah. Keep the bar stocked and the patrons moving as your virtual DJ plays real-life music tracks from indie artists.

Play Nightclub City on Facebook >

yoville facebook
Deck out your crib and then watch at your virtual friends drop by to say 'yo.'

Play YoVille on Facebook >

happy island best facebook games
Happy Island
See what it's like to run your own virtual island resort in Happy Island. Deck out your place with businesses and attractions to keep visitors happy, and don't forget to check back every once in a while to clean up after the sun-seeking masses.

Play Happy Island on Facebook >

hotel city best facebook games
Hotel City
Turn your tiny hotel into a luxury sleeping palace, adding rooms, decking them out and keeping your hotel open for business as a steady flow of customers visit, take a nap and leave just in time for another weary traveler to take their place.

Play Hotel City on Facebook >

Which of these games do you play? What other Facebook games are the 'best?' Sound off in the comments below. Add comment.
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