PetVille Enchanted Kingdom: The Dragon Family joins their father in cheery captivity

PetVille Dragon Family
PetVille Dragon Family

Joining last week's beautifully-shackled Captive Carnelian Dragon in PetVille is his entire family! Yes, virtual pet voyeurs, The Dragon Family furniture pieces can be reunited with their father for some extra PetCash but for just a few days.

The family set, part of the new Enchanted Castle theme, comes with two infant whelps, a blue boy and a pink girl, that both clearly take traits from their parents if you look closely enough. While the children soar through your room, the green mother dragon will watch as she protects another dragon egg. While we doubt that egg will at any point once bought, anything is possible (and that would be pretty cool).

Here's the breakdown on these three new furniture pieces:

  • Baby Boy: 75 PetCash (around $7, 3 days left)

  • Green Mother: 100 PetCash (around $10, 2 days left)

  • Pink Girl: 80 PetCash (around $8, 4 days left)

For about $25, you can complete your dragon family. Thankfully, these dragons aren't bound by shackles like the man of the house, so maybe they can help make a break for it, but that would be quite the waste of hundreds of PetCash.

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