PetVille Block Party is going to rock your digital socks off

PetVille Block Party
PetVille Block Party

Summer has almost officially ended and this is our last chance to get out in the middle of the street and make complete fools of ourselves at the dunk tank. And Zynga wouldn't pass at an opportunity like that with PetVille's Block Party.

However, for this block party to be completely awesome, PetVille is going to need one million players to each send and accept invitations in-game for it to go down. However, Zynga is keeping things very viral for the moment, with scant details on what exactly is going to happen at this party.

They're hopeful just the excitement of one last block party for 2010 will give enough incentive to spread the word. So, who cares about what's going to happen! Go off and spread the news (we're sure there's gonna' be free stuff).

Will you be attending the PetVille Block Party? What do you think is going to be the big attraction? Let us know your predictions in the comments. Add Comment.