Pet Society Halloween Competition 2010: Design spooky items for Playfish Cash

Pet Society Halloween Competition 2010
Pet Society Halloween Competition 2010

To get everyone in the spirit of the year's most exciting holiday, Halloween (you know costume parties are the best), Playfish has asked players in Pet Society to design their most interesting items for the epic ending to October. This year's theme is "Halloween Garden," with the community team asking players to design their spookiest trees, flowers and vegetables.

The contest has already started and submissions will be accepted until September 27 using the templates provided on the official Pet Society forums. Remember to submit all entries using this template or your entry will not be accepted. So, what's in it for you? Playfish Cash, of course! The winner in each category will receive 500 smackers (that's nearly $80!) of the good stuff and their item will be incorporated into the game by the designers!

Want your creativity to be immortalized in your favorite social game (alright, we know you want the money too)? Then get to creating your most frightening plant life and turn it in by September 27.

Will you be entering the contest? What ideas do you have to make a truly eery addition to the Pet Society garden? Tell us in the comments. Add Comment.