NFL Financial Chief Noto Will Return to Goldman Sachs


National Football League Chief Financial Officer Anthony Noto (below) will leave the league after two years and return to Goldman Sachs Group (GS), the league said on its website Monday.

Noto will rejoin Goldman as partner in the investment banking unit and co-head of the global media group, according to the NFL. Eric Grubman, the NFL's executive vice president of business operations, will represent the league through the rest of the collective-bargaining negotiations with the NFL Players Association. Grubman is also a Goldman alum.

Noto leaves the NFL as concerns about a possible work stoppage among players in the 32-team league in 2011 are on the upswing. With the salary cap up almost 50% since 2006, owners are looking to control surging player salaries, and specifically want to rein in signing bonuses paid to rookies who are often out of the league after a few years.

Noto was a top media and entertainment analyst at Goldman before joining the NFL in early 2008.