Horses finally go clippity-clop into Ranch Town

Ranch Town horses
Ranch Town horses

We don't talk about Ranch Town too often here on - The Blog!, but that isn't because no one is playing it. Ranch Town has over 700,000 monthly players, which might be modest but isn't too shabby. Today, horses were released in Ranch Town for the first time. Unlike some games, the animals in Ranch Town aren't just for decoration - these ones actually have added benefits such as producing more ingredients that can be used in the game. Here are the new horses:

Palomino - Produces 12 Steam Points every 4 minutes
Bay - Produces 13 Steam Points every 7 minutes
Pinto - Produces 10 Steam Points every 10 minutes

Steam Points in Ranch Town are used to power machines in the game, such as the Cheese Maker, the Butter Maker, and the Soil Processor. These horses all require Meteor Credits, which cost money to buy. It's interesting that it has taken this long for a game about ranches to finally have horses. It seems like development has slowed quite a bit in Ranch Town, however, as it's not quite the smash hit that Meteor was probably hoping for.

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