Happy Pets: Kooky new feature lets players go crazy with Glue

Happy Pets Glue
Of all the cute pets and neat features Happy Pets could've added to the game, they went with Glue. And not even Krazy Glue, but just plain ol' crazy glue. I am seriously at a loss for words. And judging by the comments on the game's official fanpage, I'm not the only player who finds this feature hard to stick to.
Happy Pets Glue icon
And you can't buy this Glue at the store. Or get it on the Gifts page. Glue can only be gotten by making a Facebook Wall Post. Currently, all decorative items in the game have a new "Glue" icon added to them. Clicking on that icon will give you a prompt for posting a Wall Post to your profile, asking your friends to send you Glue. If they click on it, you get Glue. That's all there is to it.

And what do you do with this Glue? You stick items to your walls and ceilings with it. Yeah. That's it. You see that chair? It's Crowdstar's official example of this new feature. And I guess, they are suggesting that we could use the glue to attached chairs to the wall... seriously, what were they thinking when they came up with this?!
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