FarmVille Sweet Beets for Haiti

farmville sweet beets
Along with the most recent "School of Choice" campaign efforts for Haiti, FarmVille also released a new limited edition crop, Sweet Beets.

You can purchase a permit to plant Sweet Beets for Haiti for 25 FV$ farm cash in the FarmVille Market. The permit gives you a one week license to plant the Sweet Beet seeds. Your one week begins from the time of purchase. There will also be Crop Mastery (and a Crop Mastery Sign) for Sweet Beets.

This time, according to Zynga, 100% of the proceeds will benefit Haiti.
Some facts about Sweet Beets:

  • Permit Cost: 25 FV$, 1 Week Permit
  • Seeds Cost: 10 coins
  • Sells for: 125 coins
  • Harvest: 6 hours
  • XP: 3
  • Wither: No
  • Crop Mastery: Yes
  • Co-Op Farming Job: Sowing Seeds for Haiti

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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