FarmVille Players Unite for Haiti with School of Choice promotion, Sweet Beets & Haiti co-op mission

farmville sweet seeds for haiti school of choice
Once again FarmVille is calling its players to support a cause benefiting Haiti.

With the "L' Ecole de Choix" or "School of Choice" promotion, farmers can purchase with farm cash or ask for and send free virtual school supplies to fill up their "Backpacks" to benefit fund raising efforts in Haiti that will go towards the building of a new school.

Continue reading to find out more about the FarmVille Sweet Seeds for Haiti School of Choice promotion.farmville sweet seeds for haiti school of choice

Every farmer can find their free Backpack in their FarmVille Gift Box. The Backpack serves as the hub for this event, where you can access all additional details and progress.

This event works similar to other Limited Edition collecting events such as the past Tuscan Wedding or holiday events. By accessing your Backpack and "Looking Inside", you will be able to track your own progress, see a neighbor comparison, or learn more about the school and Zynga's campaign efforts in Haiti.

5 School Supplies can be purchased directly for 5 FV$ farm cash. You may purchase them via your Backpack or directly through the FarmVille Market.

After collecting so many virtual school supplies, you can trade them in and redeem them for special prizes. The prizes are Hatian themed and are not available for purchase in the FarmVille Market.
farmville school of choice
Zynga is promising to donate 100% of the proceeds from this "School of Choice" promotion. Additionally, if farmers send at least 400,000,000 virtual school supplies, Zynga will donate $100,000 to build a new school in Haiti.
farmville haiti school of choice
Coinciding with this "School of Choice" Haiti promotion, farmers may also purchase a special permit license to plant limited edition Sweet Beet seeds for a donation of 25 FV$ farm cash.
farmville haiti sweet beets
Limited Edition Sweet Seeds for Haiti, Sweet Beets

  • Permit: 25 FV$ farm cash, 1 week permit
  • Seeds Cost: 10 coins
  • Sells for: 125 coins
  • Harvest: 6 hours
  • XP: 3
  • Seeds Never Wither

Co-Op Farming Job, "Sowing Seeds for Haiti"

There is also a special limited Co-Op farming Job, "Sowing Seeds for Haiti" that works with Sweet Beets only. Farmers will grow Sweet Beets for Haiti school lunches. Farmers who complete this Co-Op Job will receive a special LE Haiti Seeder.

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What are your thoughts about this new charity event? Are you happy that Zynga made a way for all farmers to participate?
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