Consumer Ally partners with to help inform consumers partners with Consumer AllyConsumer Ally has added another ally in its mission to inform and help consumers. We welcome to the fold, adding a new tool for you to check out and weigh in on sites good and bad to avoid fraud and help others avoid getting ripped off.

On the side of the main Consumer Ally page you will see the search bar. Just type in a website you're curious about and see what others have said about it. And add your two cents so others can benefit from your experience.

"SiteJabber's mission is to protect consumers from fraudulent websites and help them find good sites," co-founder Jeremy Gin told Consumer Ally. "Before using an unfamiliar website or online business, consumers can check SiteJabber to read about the experiences of others. Our long-term goal is to eliminate online fraud and improve online transparency."

Unlike consumer complaint sites that have shady ethics -- in some cases allowing companies with a lot of complaints to buy their way out of a jam -- SiteJabber is not currently supported by advertising. Instead, the site operates under a grant from the
National Science Foundation.

"These grants are often given to companies like ours which have a long-term commitment to helping consumers by using the best technology possible," Gin said. "Reviewing every website on the Internet is a big project, but the contributions of our wonderful community of reviewers make SiteJabber possible. Each reviewer can help thousands of people and make a significant contribution to making the Internet a better place. By sharing their good and bad experiences with websites, anyone can contribute to the cause."

We're pleased to offer you access to SiteJabber right here on our pages and expect this alliance will bring consumers more information to make good decisions.

"SiteJabber is proud to be working with AOL, WalletPop, and Consumer Ally, as I believe we are all committed to helping consumers get the very best information available," Gin said.

Other allies of Consumer Ally include:
Stephanie Zimmermann ("The Fixer" for the Chicago Sun-Times)
Steve Noviello, consumer reporter for KDFW in Dallas
John Mattes, an attorney and investigative consumer reporter who runs
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