Best grape jelly? We rank the house brands

Store Brand Scorecard for grape jelly
Store Brand Scorecard for grape jelly

Some weeks back, Store Brand Scorecard took on creamy peanut butter for its weekly taste/price grocery store brand challenge, to see, once and for all, if the enigmatic "Choosy Moms" were right in declaring The J.M Smucker Company's Jif creamy peanut butter the best (according, suspiciously, to the Jif label).

Well, Store Brand Scorecard called out those choosy moms for not being choosier and selecting another peanut butter brand that tasted nearly as good while costing a lot less. Kids, you've got to love them moms (for helping you get into college, and for their loving nagging), but, as I'm sure you know, they're not always right.

The winner of that challenge, it turned out, was Aldi's Peanut Delight. And since Store Brand Scorecard's been scarfing down peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all summer long, it got to thinking, would Aldi's grape jelly also be better than The Smucker Company's Smucker's grape jelly? For that matter, would it also be better than Walmart's Great Value and Supervalu's Jewel brands, which were also sampled for the peanut butter competition?

So the four brands face off again, this time in the grape jelly category. Read on to find out which jelly is the best for your belly, and for your budget.