Facebook games: Are you embarassed to tell people you play them?


You come home from work and the first thing you do is log in and check your farm. You set alarms for yourself so that you remember to come back and check on your crops. You buy gift cards from Target so that you can buy credits in your favorite game without anyone seeing the purchase on your credit card statement. Maybe you ask your friends to check on your cafe while you're on vacation, or you download spreadsheets full of Facebook game cheats to get a leg up on your friends. You're probably like me - Facebook games are a big part of your free time.

Facebook games don't have the best reputation. FarmVille has basically made it so that everyone assumes that if you play games on Facebook, you're going to spam all of your friends constantly with invites and wall posts and gifts. People are losing their jobs or ruining their financial security because they're buying Farm Cash and spending so much time in FarmVille. Almost everyone has heard of FarmVille, (after all, it's the biggest game of all time) and no one likes to admit that they have a farm.

If you played a game like Modern Warfare, World of Warcraft, or Civilization V, it's not embarrassing to talk about how you play it. Gamer cred only exists if you're not talking about Facebook games. This kind of snobbery among gamers is caused by a generalization that Facebook games aren't really games, and Facebook gamers aren't really gamers. We know that's not true, of course, but do you stick up for yourself or back down?

Do you talk freely about your Facebook game playing habits? Or do you generally keep it to yourself, and hope no one notices? Leave us a note in the comments! Add comment.