Zynga and other top Facebook games see shrinking dedicated user base


Today's top Facebook games, including Zynga's beloved FarmVille franchise, are suffering a shrinking monthly user base, according to Gamasutra. While Zynga continues to hold a whopping seven of the top Facebook games, according to AppData, the number of returning players is slowly in decline.

FarmVille has only lost 4,800 users in the past two weeks, but that drop is nothing compared to the 84 million monthly users it fell from in March. Surprisingly, FrontierVille took a step back in growth worth 2.2 million players in just two weeks. While Zynga Poker enjoyed an increase in users to the tune of 1.6 million card sharks, the rest of the social gaming giant's games are losing players by the thousands.

Regardless of whether this is a surprise, what gives? According to Gamasutra, most of these games are enjoying increase in daily active users, oddly enough. What does this say about the lasting appeal of Facebook games?

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