White House Fights Back on Stimulus Spending

White House
White House

The White House fought back against criticisms of the $814 billion stimulus plan, with a new report that highlights job-creating projects including bridges, roads and cancer research.

Vice President Joe Biden is releasing a report Friday called "100 Recovery Act Projects That Are Changing America," The Associated Press reported. The report points to projects it says are creating employment and boosting economic growth.

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Republicans have fiercely criticized the stimulus, saying that high unemployment shows the spending plan was a failure.

The report points to projects including a $175 million plan to rehabilitate bridges and a parking field in New York City. The report says the project employs more than 120 people and boosts local economic growth.

Another stimulus-funded project mentioned in the report is the $150 million plus Cancer Genome Atlas project, a large-scale collaborative effort involving 15 different American research institutions. More than 150 researchers are working to characterize the genetic and genomic changes that occur in adult cancers.

The AP received details on 20 of the projects on Thursday.

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