Restaurant City Coffee Buzz Contest: Playfish Cash for those with the coolest Coffee Bars

Coffee Buzz contest
Coffee Buzz contest

Now, this is the beauty of social gaming. Two players of Playfish's Restaurant City, britgirls and benla, are running their very own contest in the game titled "Coffee Buzz." The goal? Make the most awesome coffee bar, of course!

Other players have pitched in and accumulated a total of 380 Playfish Cash in prizes for those with the snazziest Coffee Bar. Every aspect of the contest, from donations to moderating to judging is being run by dedicated players. Now, for a bunch of Restaurant City enthusiasts to get together and run this contest all by themselves is pretty damned impressive.

The official forum post says that the contest is open to anyone, but considering you'll need to be at least Level 9 or higher to even build the Coffee Bar, we'd recommend you reach that milestone first before entering.

All you'll need to do is submit a screen shot of your Coffee Bar in the contest's thread on the Playfish forums by September 30 and--boom--you've entered for your chance at a chunk of 380 Playfish Cash. Be sure to check out the thread for official rules and good luck. May the best Hazelnut Latte win!

Will you be entering the contest? What's your winning strategy, if you wish to reveal it? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.