Pet Society Update: "Like" button on items is now live thanks to Playfish

Pet Society
Pet Society

Playfish has added the option for users to "Like" individual items in Pet Society. When players see a new item that they want to share the news of to their friends, all they need to do is "Like" it and that information will appear on their friends' walls.

That player's friends can then click on that news feed post and be taken to a page where they'll either be logged into the game or, if they're new to the game, be given an option on whether to join. This change is very similar to the recent update made to FIFA Superstars in which users can now "Like" individual players and share that information with their friends.

The ability to add "Likes" to in-game content was opened up for Facebook developers just this month and could prove to be huge for promoting in-game content. It looks like Facebook game developers just got back exactly what they wanted: viral growth. Very sneaky, sis.

[Via Virtual Goods News]

Are you excited by the ability to "Like" things in your Facebook games? Do you think this could eventually spike growth again in the genre like it had earlier this year? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.